Julie Rosing is a writer and performer living in New York City. She has studied improv and sketch since 2009 with many fantastic people including Shannon O'Neill, Jodi Lennon, Ari Voukydis, Kevin Hines, Will Hines and Becky Drysdale.

Julie can be seen performing weekly with improv team DIVO at The PIT @ 10pm. She is a proud member of sketch group Buzz Off, Lucille who's show "Fuck Judy Towers" just completed a run at the UCBTNY. You can catch more of their videos here:

She's a hugger and a gif(t)er. Follow her on twitter @MidWestNYker and Buzz Off, Lucille @BuzzOffLucille Learn more about her here:


Rachel Rosenthal is a comedian and improviser with over 15 years of experience. She is also a free-style rapper. Currently residing in NYC, Rachel is an instructor at The People's Improv Theater where she teaches improv and performs weekly with Family Haircut. She is also a proud member of free-style rapping Hip Hop improv comedy team, North Coast, with whom she tours to schools and comedy festivals nationally doing shows and teaching workshops. Rachel has been featured on several podcasts and radio shows including, "RISK!," Slate's "The Gist," WBUR's "You're the Expert," and Dale Radio. In 2013 the Huffington Post called her an "improv whirlwind." She tweets (@Raeroshow), has a website, and like - a million blogs.



Taylor Newhall is a comedian, actor, and writer living in Brooklyn, New York. He has studied improv comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, Improv Boston, and currently performs in a weekly show at the People's Improv Theater. He has acted in many short films and web series including Alex & Jane, for which he won best actor in an independent web series. Taylor likes to secretly listen to pop music on the subway while exhibiting a face that makes people think he's listening to cool music.



Beth Botshon is a producer/writer/director whose hair gives her about four inches. That shit COUNTS when you're not even five feet tall. When Beth isn't producing reality or doc programming you can find her chasing her two rugrats around Brooklyn or perfecting her mango margarita.

You can find all things Beth at



Maria Stasavage, whose claim to fame is her second place trophy from a one-legged stand contest in 3rd grade, is a teacher and sometimes writer living in Brooklyn.


Originally from Georgia, Amy moved to Brooklyn a few years back. She's currently an editor on staff at the NY agency Firstborn. When she's not finessing killer ad campaigns or working on Alex and Jane, she's out taking photos and dreaming of the day when she'll finally have a dog.



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Matthew Lapiska makes photographs, documentaries, music videos, short films... and he might shoot your web series if you ask politely enough. His work has popped up in a variety of places, ranging from well respected print publications to soggy and possibly disreputable bar room film festivals. He has three books of published (okay, self-published) photography work and drawers and drawers of prints and scripts and unsent letters to the editor. He likes bicycles and cameras and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Matthew lives in Queens with three girls whom he adores.


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Jeff with the Jetta: Langston Belton

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Barista: Matt Tucker 

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Nick: Michael Greene